Unable to Clear Health Examination

Unable to Clear Health Examination


When can you request for Health Waivers:

If the health outcome is a “Does Not Meet”, the applicant has not met the health requirement and a visa cannot be granted unless a health waiver is available and exercised. Health waiver can only be exercised for visa applicants (and any non-migrating family members) for certain visas, which are:                     

                             ·        All Class XB Refugee and Humanitarian visas           

                             ·        Certain skilled, business and other non-humanitarian migration visas 

                             ·         Subclass 500 student visa under Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector

                             ·        The Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) visa    



A health waiver can only be exercised when the health examination results in assessing the applicant as having a disease or condition that is:                          

                             ·        likely to result in health care and community service costs that are regarded as ‘significant’ under policy or    

                             ·        prejudice the access of Australian citizens or permanent residents to such services    



However, the health waiver is not available if the applicant has failed to meet health on

                             ·        TB

                             ·        danger to the community,

                             ·        other public health risk grounds     



Process of requesting a Health Waiver:

First, applicants will be provided with an opportunity to comment on the Medical Officer of Commonwealth (MOC) opinion through an s57 notification prior to a health waiver submission being sent to the visa applicant or their Migration Agent. This is essential as a MOC opinion may subsequently change based on the new medical information provided by the applicant.


Then, the visa applicant or Migration Agent is required to complete Part A of the Health Waiver Submission, with Part B to be completed by the visa officer. It is crucial that all areas are tested and analysed before you make the health waiver submission. To calculate the significant cost and prejudice the access of Australian Citizen or Permanent Residence is something that a highly qualified Migration Agent should be able to analysis with detailed attention. Our Migration Agent, Ms. Shraddha Bista is an expert in writing Heath Waiver submission backed with her work experience and educational background.


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